Wrapping up 2020 in a festive and sustainable style

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Wrapping up 2020 in a festive and sustainable style

In our previous diaries, we mentioned that our focus for December is to make the least sustainable month of the year, absolutely sustainable.

We did our best and here are some of the successes and failures of our sustainability journey, wrapping up 2020 in a festive and sustainable style.

Pass the mic one last time

We’ve taken the sustainability agenda to the stage once more before the end of the year, this time around with Marta and Tazz championing it.

Tazz led a virtual talk on building a sustainable online presence from scratch for some of the entrepreneurs at UAL, including tips on how to be more digitally sustainable.

Marta spoke at the Business Reimagined series by The Future Economy Network, reflecting on key sustainability insights from Covid-19. She described the phases that we have gone through as a business to respond, recover and renew ourselves through the pandemic, whilst using our core pillars of People, the Planet and Technology as a frame of reference to balance all of our decisions.

Design and sustainability

Designing for sustainability means providing appropriate content quickly and efficiently to the user on many devices, now and in the future. That means designers and developers have a challenging task in trying to design and build for an industry that is evolving at a rapid pace.

Our Front-End Developer, Ben, kicked off a content series on this topic. In the first blog, he explains why design plays an important part in creating more sustainable websites, and why allocating time and resources can help not only the environment but your user engagement too.

His second article discusses the current landscape of online usage to try and predicate where it’s heading, with a focus on Adaptive web design.

We’ve also started a new exciting project that is all about sustainable design; more details to follow soon.

Festive mood ON

November saw us hosting the second sustainable wine tasting as part of our Discover Series events. We met some amazing thought leaders who manage teams and care about people, whilst being taken on a virtual tour of a fantastic selection of sustainable wines, focused on organic viticulture around the world.

The main conversation point was around digital’s role in sustainability and why addressing Scope 3 emissions is becoming more important to business, and will be critical in measuring and reducing our carbon footprint.

Shop small and sustainably

If last year’s Christmas festivities saw us sharing mulled wine and mince pies in our Brixton studio surrounded by our friends, in the aid of the Housing for Women charity, this year it had to be all virtual given our times.

So, we decided to invite some of our community to shop small and sustainably this year to support the local businesses.

We then had a Christmas get together on Zoom and shared what everyone bought, whilst getting to know each other and having a casual catch up before breaking off for holidays.

Giving at Christmas

This month, we also hosted our first ever virtual team Christmas party. We didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be so much fun! We kicked off with lunch and then we delved into a six-rounds quiz, followed by our Secret Santa gift exchange.

We usually do quiz prizes, but this time around we decided the winners will get to pick a charity that is closer to their heart and DD will donate on behalf of them.

2020, that’s a wrap

And here we are, one year later after we started an honest account of our sustainability journey.

This series had one simple mission: to hold us accountable. To give a written trail, month over month, of what we’ve identified, changed, learnt, succeeded with, messed up, built, re-built, discussed and discovered when it comes to being more sustainable.

How did we do? Did you enjoy the monthly updates of our journey?

We know we’re not perfect, but we’re here to learn. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please do get in touch.