World Book Day should be for adults too

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World Book Day should be for adults too

Someone from another industry may think that World Book Day could pass us by in web development but that’s far from the truth. In their learning, our team agree that reading and gleaning insights from trusted professionals was imperative to their own web development progress.

Just starting out?

The two books of ‘CSS Mastery’ by Andy Budd and ‘jQuery: Novice to Ninja’ by SitePoint were the cornerstone of my early front end developer learning. They set out the basics and taught me how to build my first sites. They were recommended to me and likewise if I ever meet people who would like to get into web development they always get a mention.

Going professional?

The whole series of books by A List Apart are all excellent and worth reading but it’s ‘Responsive Web Design’ by Ethan Marcotte that typifies their ability to communicate concepts of development in a simple and concise way that makes learning while practicing quick and painless.

World Book Day World Book Day

Teaching others?

Being able to correctly use JavaScript can be pretty hard with its quirks and misgivings but if you ever need to explain or fundamentally understand how and why the language can be so powerful then you’ll need to read books like Kyle Simpson’s fantastic You don’t know JavaScript series.

End of the day?

If you can find some time after all that swatting up and you like a crime caper then a personal favorite is the American writer Carl Hiaasen. Particular favourites of mine include Tourist Season and Lucky You.