The New 4 P's – Why purpose matters to Digital Detox

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The New 4 P's – Why purpose matters to Digital Detox

Purpose, people, planet, profit: this concept of the new 4 P’s shouldn’t really be groundbreaking stuff, but when it comes to truly implementing change to better humanity by using technology, it can still be a challenge for many.

As a humanity-led digital product agency harnessing technology to better people and the planet, we’re striving for a world where technology and humanity work in perfect harmony. That means that at Digital Detox, this concept of the 4 P’s is integral to every decision we make. Our version is essentially a triple bottom line, or more commonly known to us as our three pillars: people, planet and technology. Because in our minds, we see this as the future of work. Without profit and purpose thrown into the mix, we couldn’t grow or make change.

In today’s world, purpose should be at the core of absolutely everything you do as a brand. Really, that mindset isn’t new. But delivering that understanding to your clients, and using technology to better people and the planet, which in turn makes profit, is. And that’s where we come in.

Understanding the correct balance across the new 4 P’s is crucial to thrive in today’s world. Let’s face it, we must prepare for the unknown. Wind back the clock, and little did we know a global pandemic was on its way, forcing companies worldwide to shift from leveraging technology as a competitive advantage, to in many cases, survival. Using technology with purpose creates change, remembers humanity and solves genuine issues with creative, fulfilling solutions. It’s our job to use tech to solve problems facing people and the planet.

As a team of nearly 50 engineers, creatives and strategists, we deeply care about what we build, just as much as we care for one another. That’s why we need to follow the new 4 P’s in order to thrive when leading global businesses give us the opportunity to explore and build their digital ideas, products and solutions that are profoundly reshaping our world.

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