What is sustainable development?

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What is sustainable development?

The United Nations has shared its sustainable development goals as a guide to the global collective effort needed to ensure a better world for all. One of the key points discusses Climate Change; specifically how urgent action is needed to combat its impact on humanity and the planet.

At Digital Detox we dedicate a lot of our time to thinking about, talking about and taking action on Climate Change. We believe that every aspect of our day-to-day operations should be focused on sustainability, holding ourselves accountable to our stakeholders, our clients and ourselves for staying true to our ethical targets.

Our overall goal as a sustainable development company is simple; we will become carbon neutral within the next five years.

What does sustainable development have to do with technology?

Digital pollution emits more carbon than air travel and sending one less email each day could reduce the UK’s carbon footprint by 16 tonnes per year. The solution isn’t simply to build fewer digital experiences - it’s all about building smarter, using reusable components wherever possible and ensuring your applications and platforms are as light and efficient as possible.

We use industry insight and knowledge, coupled with digital advancements and opportunities, to help shape our own sustainable development approaches within Digital Detox. Then we extend this service to clients, using the approaches we have proven to work within our own team.

How we undertake sustainable development for clients

To help clients achieve their own sustainable development goals, we have developed the Green Report. It is our benchmark of sustainable development best practice and has already had an impact for some of the largest enterprise organisations in the UK.

The Green Report is the first step towards taking measurable action on Climate Change within large enterprise organisations.

The report seeks to explain:

  • why carbon footprints matter
  • what impact employee and customer behaviours have on the environment
  • how we can make positive choices to reduce digital waste
  • where to find the resources and tools to make a difference

We work closely with companies to understand their technical landscape and find out where energy and resources are currently applied to run end-user applications. We also explore how to improve sustainability across four areas of each company; Culture, Cloud, Code and Customers.

  • Culture: How to embed sustainability into the minds and hearts of all employees
  • Cloud: Ensuring ethical and sustainable choices for digital transformation
  • Code: Light, efficient code and ethical KPI setting
  • Customers: Taking clients on the sustainability journey and ensuring processes, approaches and success measures are based on sustainable outcomes

Sustainable design

Successful sustainable development is only as good as the design that sits behind it. There’s little point in creating functional technical experiences if they don’t look good or contribute to your sustainability goals!

Sustainable design refers to an ongoing intention to design user experiences that aim to minimise environmental impact. Because there is no standardised benchmark for sustainable design, the onus still falls on each business to keep learning, reviewing and changing to meet their own standards and targets.

At Digital Detox, we will continue on our own sustainable development journey alongside our peers, stakeholders and clients. We’re well placed to empathise with clients on how challenging this mission is, but equally can recognise the benefits and value a more sustainable development approach will provide.

If you’d like to find out more about sustainable development or design, get in touch! We’d love to discuss any ideas, challenges or opportunities you’re facing and outline ways of using innovative and ethical technology to achieve your goals.