Every office should consider its wellness initiatives

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Every office should consider its wellness initiatives

Once a week DD Towers gets turned into a studio of lithe, limber bodies dressed in an array of often inappropriate sporting outfits. But this hour of Pilates is working wonders on our collective core.

As a company Digital Detox knows how to have a good time whether it be drinks after work or a spontaneous lunch at Franco Manca. But it’s not always bubbles and burgers, we also actively encourage a healthy lifestyle in the workplace, from an endless supply of fresh fruit to Friday morning pilates, taught by yours truly.

I’m Ben, a Front End web developer at Digital Detox and I’ve been teaching Pilates for the last four years in North London.

So first of all let’s clear something up; “Pilates it’s the same as Yoga”. No it’s not. There are some similarities but also also many differences. Pilates targets muscular strength and endurance movements with emphasis on the core muscles. Sorry guys that doesn’t mean an instant six pack if that’s what you’re thinking. Core muscles are numerous, used in nearly every body movement and their primary role is to improve balance and stability.

Daily-work sitting in front of the computer for long periods

So you may ask, why did I decided to bring Pilates to Brixton? Because in between our social outings and lunches we have got to do some work. This means sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time Monday to Friday which is widely known to be bad for your long term health. In my class I have tailored my exercises to improve the muscle activity between the lower back the glutes i.e your bum muscles, so they work together. Strengthening the lower limbs to prevent any muscle loss and pelvic movements to prevent the hamstrings from shortening and thus possibly affecting your back are also primary goals of my sessions.

Pilates is great for all levels of fitness as well as those with injuries, making it perfect for those doing rehabilitation or for those who want to build upon their existing fitness. At the moment we have someone in class using Pilates to supplement his marathon training while another is using it help with back pain management. So next time someone asks you along to Pilates don’t think meditation and chanting but strong core muscles, better posture and fun.