Launching The Detox – the home of the future of work

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Launching The Detox – the home of the future of work

If you care about people, the planet, and technology, then we’re launching something for you.

Because as of September 1st, the inaugural edition of our brand spanking newsletter will be hitting inboxes, packed full of the best thoughts, ideas, resources and events out there when it comes to the future of work.

Welcome to The Detox.

Who’s it for?

Our goal is to create a home to a community of incredible tech leaders who really care about this future; the future of people, the planet, and of course – technology. It’s for early adopters who are able to create change within their organisations, for those who are fascinated by the pace of our world, and for individuals who strive for a universe which betters humanity through technology.

What’s it about?

We’ll curate the most impressive thought leadership and resources when it comes to digital sustainability, profit with purpose, and tech with a conscience. Something practical and genuine.

It’ll be detoxed: there won’t be wasted words, and there certainly won’t be emails for the sake of emails (let’s remember digital sustainability here!), which means our promise to you is it’ll be useful, and impactful. We see this as a learning experience for us as a community, as we continue to explore the world of technology, people and the planet, and how they combine.

But most importantly, The Detox will be a chance to share your thoughts, ideas, resources and events. We genuinely want to hear from you so if you know of something we should include, drop us a note.

How do I sign up?

When we first contacted our community about the launch of The Detox, we were bowled over by the sheer number of sign ups. But what that tells us is our attempts in curating a community who genuinely care for people, the planet and the future of technology is working, and we couldn’t be happier to have found you.

The Detox will kick off as a quarterly subscription, potentially with occasional added extras here and there, so if you’d like to join us on this journey, you can sign up here.