Digital Detox Diaries – Sustained, sustainable shifts

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Digital Detox Diaries – Sustained, sustainable shifts

At the start of 2020, we pledged to really accelerate our efforts when it came to making sustained, sustainable shifts. What we couldn’t have accounted for was the nature in which we’d need to do this, but hey; over six months after the world took a… turn, it’s safe to say we’re all still learning.

A conversation we’ve had with a number of our community recently is whether it’s been easier or harder to track our sustainability efforts since moving to a remote-first working model. In fact, it’s a question we’ve often asked ourselves.

But really, it’s meant we’ve accelerated in areas which may have taken longer to achieve, and got totally creative in others; it’s the focus which seems to shift month by month, often between operational changes, marketing alternatives and HR introductions.

Looking back over September, it seems to have been a real mashup of the three. This is what we got up to.

Congratulations to this content series!

It would be wrong to not start with the announcement that these monthly diary entries have only gone and got themselves an award nomination!

A huge thank you for listing us in the final contenders Planet Mark, under the Sustainability Transparency category. That’s exactly what this monthly diary is meant to achieve.

New product, new partnership

Partnerships are so important, especially when they look like this.

September saw us announce our collaboration with human behaviour experts, LAB Group, to build a Carbon Data Engine that automatically monitors travel data and converts it, providing near real-time carbon visibility for companies.

First virtual roundtable

September also saw us host an intimate, virtual roundtable, focused solely on the future of sustainability in a digital world. Joined by leaders in their field across energy, recruitment, finance, architecture and forestry, we discussed the role in which large enterprises play in the fight against climate change.

Ultimately, we agreed that whilst digital is often a more sustainable option than hardware alternatives, it should never be taken for granted. We do not need to build less, but to make digital processes better, smarter and more efficient.

Preparing for the office return

And whilst we’re planning to remain a remote-first business, we’re still very much keeping our Brixton office and look forward to using the studio more often as time allows.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to switch our electricity supplier to a green alternative, Bulb, to prepare for the office return.

What next?

Now the world has woken up from the summer lul, we’ve got ourselves some speaking slots over the next few weeks, focused solely on bringing sustainability to a digital world.

But we’re also spending considerable time looking into what this might look like for next year. We’ve loved discussing The Green Report and delivering an introduction to digital sustainability, but we think the industry needs more – so watch this space.

We also want to look at a measure of purpose across the client-side of the business, to ensure we’re always working with businesses that align to our wider mission around people, planet and technology. In fact, finding those out is one of the best parts of the job.