Sustainability at Digital Detox – August’s diary entry

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Sustainability at Digital Detox – August’s diary entry

It’s been a couple of months since we sat down and used this diary entry as an opportunity to reflect on the business as a whole. Not because we haven’t been tracking, no, no, no, but because we’ve spent the summer months checking in with ourselves on some specific themes, like the sustainability of our team and COVID’s impact on our digital footprint.

But for August, we’re reverting back to airing out our laundry - both the dirty and the clean - to ensure we approach the last months of 2020 with a bang.

Expanding our work

You may have seen we kicked off a new blog series last month, introducing you to the world of forests.

Much of our community knows our work in bringing sustainability to digital thanks to the launch of The Green Report – our tool to track, cut and control your digital footprint. In fact, our first partnership with Vodafone saved the equivalent of driving 200,000 miles in the car and ~$1million opex in just four weeks.

But we also work the other way around, bringing digital to sustainability, partnering with businesses, charities and communities who protect our world. You can see that in the likes of our work with MARINElife in using tech to help save the dolphins, and you can now see that in the forestry world. Watch this space.

It’s the very reason we used the past few weeks to speak to 54 experts in the digital for sustainability space, too.

We’re nominated for another award!

In fact, on the subject of MARINElife, the South West Dolphin Project has been shortlisted for the Best Environmental Cause Campaign award! Both us and our partners at MARINElife are ecstatic, and we have our fingers and toes crossed for scooping up the trophy in September.

purpose awards

Transparency is key

We also recently put together this summary on our 2019 carbon footprint reduction in partnership with The Planet Mark, delving into the stats of our highs and lows of the previous year.

planet mark

It’s important to us to remain transparent in this way; to hold ourselves accountable and to ensure we make change. That’s why we’re committed to reaching our 2020 carbon reduction target of 5% as a business (0.9 tonnes CO2) and 0.03 tonnes of CO2 per employee.

In posting this update, it really showed us what a brilliant community we’re so lucky to have; our social media reach that month doubled, all thanks to this one post!

What we need to work on

  • Over the past few months, we’ve regularly referenced our own digital sustainability standards, and how we can help inform the most people in the most detoxed, sustainable way. We’ve taken our foot off the pedal on this a little, and so vow to prioritise a new content series to explore exactly that.
  • Whilst we were pretty chuffed with the rough calculations put together by Liam on our carbon footprint reduction since working from home, we’re aware there’s more we could do here. The Planet Mark has helped us to distribute great ideas on this, but we still feel we could do more.
  • We’re also exploring what it might look like to delve into the world of B Corp…!
  • And finally, as with much of the business world right now, we’re all in a little bit of a limbo between working from home, and wondering how to slowly start returning. We’re still going to remain remote first, but we recognise there’s an opportunity to take what we have learnt and how we have cut our digital footprint and keep it that way, but that takes time and commitment. We need to do this.