Sustainability Diaries – new starts and new habits for September

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Sustainability Diaries – new starts and new habits for September

It’s fair to say this year has been one of many firsts. And so with August appearing and departing us faster than you could say boo to a goose, we weren’t sure if this strange ol’ month would replicate the usual summer of littered OOO inboxes or not.

Turns out, it did, and actually, what a relief that was! As well a greater understanding of our good and bad habits around sustainability, as a population, mental health and wellbeing also seems to be taking more of a priority.

So that meant August was a little quiet for us, too, but we still managed to tick a few things off our list. Here’s our Sustainability Diary for this month.

Our new community

Throughout 2020, we’ve been slowly but surely curating a collective of incredible individuals who care about creating a world where technology and humanity work in perfect harmony. In fact, that’s the mission of Digital Detox as a whole.

Which is why we were super excited to launch The Detox, our new community and newsletter of incredible tech leaders who really care about the future of people, the planet, and technology. In fact, there’s already over 150 of you!

It’s been amazing to hear your feedback on issue one, and to see you all interacting with the content and with each other as the conversation continues.

If you’re an early adopter who’s able to create change within your organisation, or someone who’s fascinated by the pace of our world, you can sign up here.

This is our chance to work together to strive for a universe which betters humanity through technology.

B-Corp stage one

August also saw us reach out to B-Corp to help measure our journey into balancing profit with purpose. We saw this as an opportunity to evaluate the progress we have made, but actually more importantly, to identify clear areas of improvement. Watch this space.

Returning to the office sustainably

In our last diary entry, we highlighted the importance of evaluating the return to work in the most sustainable way as something we needed to work on.

Whilst we still do not have a formal date for returning, and like many others will be moving forward with a remote-first attitude, it’s important to start early and take with us the sustainable attitudes lockdown put in place.

Which is exactly why we decided to invite The Planet Mark to put together their thoughts into one handy blog post, full of insightful tips and tricks to make this possible. You can see that here.

What we’re working on

Last month we called ourselves out on needing to launch a new content series around our digital pollution and sustainability recommendations. It’s in the making, we promise.

And we’re also working on a number of new Digital Detox website updates, so we can see this become bigger, better, AND more sustainable.