People, Planet and Technology Awards

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People, Planet and Technology Awards

At Digital Detox, we build technology that makes sense whilst putting humanity at the forefront and looking after our planet. Our award nominations and wins showcase the growth we’ve made as a team around our people, planet and technology mission. We are super proud, so we hope you don’t mind us sharing in a little summary like this!

Here’s a halfway through the year reflection on what we have been up to in the world of awards.

Tech with purpose

We kicked off 2020 with the great news of being shortlisted for the Best Telecoms of the Year category as part of the National Technology Awards.

This nomination is for our Web Simplification Project with Vodafone, which resulted in the design, development and launch of a global, open-source framework, that aims to be compatible with any application architecture and any size project. It is currently implemented in 23 markets - a testament to the flexibility of the design and code, global collaboration, and the community support available.

We are proud to know that over 500 million Vodafone customers use apps and websites built on the code framework we created. This is a great showcase of our work around building technology that makes sense and has a purpose.

People first

Not long after finding out that we are finalists for a National Technology Award, we were so happy and proud to be shortlisted not for one, but two UK Employee Experience Awards.

Health and Wellbeing and Team of the Year are the two categories we are hoping to win as part of these people-focused awards. As a humanity-led agency that believes in a world where technology and humanity work in perfect harmony, health and wellbeing isn’t so much an initiative as simply the way we conduct our business, and it’s proudly led from the top.

Maintaining the health, wellness and happiness of our team is one of the ongoing strategic objectives of DD, formalised as one of our company’s three pillars - People, Planet, Technology - and one of our five company goals - to ‘improve our team fulfilment, work-life balance and overall happiness’.

Humanity in tech and mental health

And we are incredibly proud of our team, who live and breath a humanity-led approach throughout life, too. Humanity in tech has been Tazz’s number one priority, our Head of Marketing, who made this year’s BIMA100 as a Champion for Change. Her goal has always been to put people first, with a huge focus most recently around mental health and digital sustainability.

Tazz has also been interviewed by Thrive on mental health and wellbeing during the current pandemic. Here, she talks about the way various industries view and handle mental health as well as how to best support your team’s mental health during this time.

Looking after the health of our planet

Moving on to our work around the planet, we recognise the impact our industry has on the environment, and our responsibility to take action. That’s why we have spent the past few years actively looking and implementing the digital skills we harness as a team, and using them to do more.

We are the proud Founders of the Green Report; the tool to track, control and cut digital waste within large organisations. This has led us to win the Outstanding Green Initiative Award at the Global Business Excellence Awards this year.

This has been such an exciting story to be a part of as we bring our passion for people, planet, and technology together for a common cause. We worked alongside Vodafone and shed light on how they can play their part to help reduce GHG emissions and engage with the greatest challenge in our lifetime - averting irreversible climate change through the decade of action.

We only embarked on the journey of reducing digital pollution a few months ago and to have already won an award with this humbling comment from the chairman of the judges is amazing: “Digital Detox is the first agency of its kind that aims to help businesses make the world a cleaner place”.

What’s next?

With two wins and three shortlists in the bag, we are looking forward to more nominations… and hopefully winning most of them! A huge thank you to the team for their hard work and dedication, which made all these exciting awards nominations possible. And stay tuned on our social channels for the latest updates on the rest of our 2020 awards journey.