A brief round-up from the DD team at dotJS

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A brief round-up from the DD team at dotJS

One of our favourite moments of this year’s dotJS conference incredibly wasn’t from any of the talks themselves…

Of course, hearing fantastic talks from the likes of the founder of JavaScript, Brendan Eich and Feross Aboukhadijeh - the founder of WebTorrent, Standard JS & NodeFoo was an incredible way to spend the day.

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But dotJS took another approach with their conference which took many (including us) by surprise.

A WiFi ban! Yes… no Internet!

At first, it seemed shocking, but Christophe Porteneuve highlighted that once all phone, laptop and tablet screens were taken away, we were fully transfixed on the discussions going on in the day. And how right he was. Concentration levels throughout the audience were clearly heightened without the distraction of scrolling through hashtags on Twitter on the talk you were already watching, or the inevitable check-ups on your inbox.

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“While there were many talks to marvel, a personal highlight came from an unexpected direction from the co-creator of Django, Adrian Holovaty. His insight into how JavaScript frameworks are conceived and the need to question their real value-add was controversial without being contrived. The underlying message of concentrating more on core JavaScript skills and less on JavaScript technologies may well have an influence on me!” - Patrick Bower, DD Developer