Why every day is International Women's Day

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Why every day is International Women's Day

Discussing the importance of International Women’s Day in the office made us proud. Proud of the unique responses, the thought that went into penning them, and the clear evidence that equality is a fundamental part of our team, culture, and beliefs. Just as it should be.

So proud that we thought it was worth sharing them, and on a day that’s not ‘the day’ itself. Because if we believe men and women are equal, we should celebrate every day.

In fact, Liam shared more:

“IWD always catches me unprepared. Not because I don’t value the impact of women in my life, but because it feels a bit weird to have to talk about why women should be considered equal to men - they just are!

“But then I reflect how lucky and privileged I am to work in an industry and live in a community where women and men are held in equal regard. Because despite it being 2020, this is still the exception rather than the norm. And that’s rubbish.

“So, thank you to all the wonderful women in my life and thank you to women across the world who are making a huge difference to other people’s lives.”

Alex’s thoughts came from his experience growing up in Southern Italy. He said:

“I still remember the 8th of March when I first understood the real meaning of ‘Women’s day’. First of all, in Italy - where I come from - we call this day ‘Festa della donna’, which is more translatable to ‘Festivity of the woman’. “Traditionally, men buy mimosas (the flower, not the drink) for women, so I had been thought to buy a little mimosa twig for all the girls in my class, and my teacher that day.

“On the 8th of March of 2003, the first teacher of the day happened to be the one to totally change my perspective of what this day meant.

“She refused to accept the twig, telling me - and the class - that we should not ‘celebrate’ the women, but remember the countless sacrifices that women had made and, still today, have to face.

“She told us it should be a chance to remember all the inequalities that women encountered so far, just to have the same consideration that men have.”

Our Marketing Executive and Office Manager, Narcisa, also had a different experience from her culture, having grown up in Romania. She said:

“For years, I grew up thinking that 8th March is International Mother’s Day as that was the tradition back home, so I still feel strongly about celebrating our mum’s efforts, dedication and love on this day.”