How we work with clients to improve their digital carbon footprint

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How we work with clients to improve their digital carbon footprint

9.5 years; that’s how long we have left to prevent irreversible damage from Climate Change. This is serious and it affects every one of us, so it’s our collective responsibility to do all we can to take action and make a difference.

You’ll already know about the common offenders that contribute to your carbon footprint; unethical food and farming practices, travel and transport, depletion of natural resources and single use plastics. There’s more to the story though; in addition to our offline practices, what we do online has an impact too. Your digital carbon footprint refers to the environmental impact of the internet, mobile phones, laptops, digital development and other digital devices.

Consider this; each time you connect to your Wifi, send an email or create some code, you’ll use energy. Whether it’s the electricity that powers your device or the connection required to use it, your actions contribute to your digital carbon footprint.

As more businesses become aware of this, they’re seeking help and guidance on how to take action. It’s not easy - it requires a thorough understanding of the practices that make a difference, and tangible ways to implement them.

This is where we can help. We work with large brands and enterprise organisations across all industries and sectors to help them calculate their digital carbon footprint, then implement a series of actions to reduce it.

This is how we do it:

1. Understand your business model and sustainable commitments

Before we can help you calculate your digital carbon footprint, we’ll need to learn a bit about your business. Every company is unique and has its own practices, processes, software systems and ways of working. We’ll need to understand yours fully before we can make any suggestions on how to improve your digital carbon footprint.

In order to get closer to your day-to-day operations, we’ll facilitate some collaborative workshops and discussions, ideally face-to-face, but we can also do these remotely in light of Covid-19. We might also ask to spend a bit of time within your team, learning more about what they do and how they do it.

We’ll need to know about your long-term ambitions for sustainability as a business and what you have in place already to achieve them. Once we have a good understanding of where you’re at as a business today, we can help you begin to plan for a more sustainable and carbon neutral future.

“What we do now, and in the next few years, will profoundly affect the next few thousand years.” Sir David Attenborough

2. Awareness

Does every person within your organisation understand the what, why, how and when of sustainability? Do your clients share the journey with you? And what does your brand and image say about your commitment to the planet?

Awareness is a critical pillar in the plan to improve your digital carbon footprint. Raising awareness begins with the facts - we’ll share evidence with you about the threat of Climate Change and how businesses are contributing to it. Objectivity is key; we will aim to educate senior leaders and decision-makers within your organisation with hard hitting and indisputable proof, delivered in a sensitive and collaborative way.

At this point we’ll also share inspiration from what other like-minded organisations are doing to improve their digital carbon footprint. Then, we’ll explore the impact that their work is having and discuss why this matters.

3. Analysis - the 4 C’s

As we continue to work with companies to help improve their digital carbon footprint, we’ve created a blueprint for our approach. It’s called the Green Report and it covers the areas of focus that we will analyse in order to build a picture of your progress against sustainability goals.

These pillars might include some, or all, of the following:

  • Customer: Carbon footprint of your customer using your organisation’s services

  • Code: The digital footprint of your websites and code

  • Cloud: Your cloud and data centre infrastructure

  • Culture: Employee engagement to foster a culture of sustainability

We’ll work with you to gain insight and data into each of these areas, or we can specify on your chosen key concern. This is a comprehensive process that involves getting close to your employees, systems, processes, infrastructure, software and approach as a business. Then, we’ll collate everything we’ve learned into a single, comprehensive report.

4. Recommendations

Now for the fun part - ACTION TIME! We’ll analyse the findings of your report and build a comprehensive picture of what’s needed to address any sustainability issues within your current practices.

You’ll get all the information and tools you need to begin the process of implementing incremental change to each aspect of your business that requires attention. Quick wins can be actioned asap, whilst we support you in getting set up for longer-term milestones simultaneously.

Finally, we’ll walk away at the right time and leave you to continue on your journey of sustainability. Your entire workforce will now be empowered to make environmentally conscious choices across every aspect of your digital operations, from how you manage software to the way you set strategic KPIs and measure business success. Your employees will become more ethical in their approaches, your code will become lighter, your systems will perform better and your technology will become smarter.

Finally, you’ll be able to witness your digital carbon footprint decreasing (we’ll help you measure that too!) Your company will be made up of individuals who are passionate about sustainability and a more secure future. This will be the start of a new world for your organisation.

Ready to begin?

Get in touch and we’ll tell you more and find out about your sustainability goals and how we can help you exceed them!