Sustainability at Digital Detox – May’s diary entry

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Sustainability at Digital Detox – May’s diary entry

Our Sustainability Diaries series has been doing what we’d hoped – it’s holding us accountable – as we move through the year reflecting on what goals we set the previous month, and what we’ve learned, changed, or adapted.

Last month, we shook things up a bit as our MD, Liam, delved into Digital Detox’s carbon footprint throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, comparing the differences and potential savings thanks to our new work-from-home status. In fact, it’s one of the goals we set ourselves back in March.

And so we took month five as our chance to ensure all of our activities as a business, when interacting with our community, were of the sustainable variety wherever possible. Here’s what we got up to.

Marketing got a sustainable face lift

We’d paused a number of different activities we had previously tried and tested for a short while, as we discussed ways to ensure our actions would be with the right intentions, and as a given – sustainable.

That’s meant over the past few weeks, we’ve really enjoyed doing our research on eco friendly, personalised gifts to send to members of our community, alongside virtual event activities like our recent sustainable wine tasting session with Pull the Cork. Discussing the future of work really pulled (unintentional pun, sorry) out some incredible insights, so if you fancy seeing more, check this out.

Building momentum up on stage

We’ve been incredibly lucky and honoured to speak at a number of events over the past month, engaging with people all around the world on the importance of digital sustainability.

Charlotte was invited (twice!) to discuss how to prioritise sustainability in a digital world with Barclays, Liam led a discussion on the importance of preventing digital pollution with BIMA, and we even hosted our own Sustainability in IT meetup! You can find out when the next one will be here.

And excitingly, it doesn’t stop there. As we continue through into June, you’ll spot Charlotte and the Green Report feature at this year’s CogX, and a webinar alongside Planet Mark to discuss how to build more efficient digital services. In fact, we’re so chuffed to have signed up to another year of membership with these guys.

The Green Report won an award!

This was delightful news to wake up to a few weeks ago… The Green Report scooped up an award we had only dreamt of winning – crowned as the Outstanding Green Initiative at the Global Business Excellence Awards.

What happens next?

We’re setting some ambitious goals as we approach 2020’s halfway point. Our Sustainability Council is due to debate and decide on whether we choose to join B Corp, and so by our next update to you guys, we’re determined to have that answered. And we’re also looking at ways to take what we’ve learned as a business, and bring it into our individual lives too. Watch this space…