Digital Detox update - A roundup of our favourite moments

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Digital Detox update - A roundup of our favourite moments

We’ve been very busy at Digital Detox for the past couple of months. And I’m not talking about project work only and making sure our clients are happy but busy growing our team and getting a little more famous day by day.

We are super grateful for being part of such an amazing community, where we’ve met so many new faces, which gave us the chance to share what we’ve learnt and in turn, you’ve kept teaching us.

And because there’s been a lot of cool stuff that’s happened recently, here’s a roundup of our favourite moments.

We hopped on the virtual stage at SXSW

We are so chuffed to have been able to represent the UK at SXSW this year alongside some of the hottest digital and creative companies. And talking about who we are, what we do, how we do it and what we care about as well as meeting like-minded people and businesses was a huge bonus that we’re grateful for. You can read more about our experience at SXSW Online 2021 as well as the events we spoke at here.

We won some awards

We are very happy and grateful to have won a couple of awards that mean a lot to us.

Firstly, we’ve been named the Best Strategic Design and Development Agency by the Business Elite Awards 2021. This win is all down to our team’s hard work over the past year, which has been quite a challenging one for all of us. And we’re proud to have been featured in the latest issue of SME News digital magazine, where our MD, Liam Snelling gives an overview of Digital Detox’s future plans.

And speaking of Liam - congratulations on winning the BIMA100 Awards as a Challenger and New Thinker! He thoroughly deserves this award for championing DD’s journey to build a better business as a force for good and always thinking of new ways of using technology to better people and the planet.

We were also thrilled to be named one of the best London based Android companies across innovation, growth, management and societal impact by the Best Startup Magazine. We’ve been featured next to some cool companies from cutting edge startups to established brands.

We had a few interviews lined up

Our CEO, Donovan, was interviewed by, where he had the chance to talk about the journey of founding Digital Detox. Give it a read if you want to know more about how COVID-19 affected our business, what difficult choices we had to make, the lessons we learned and how we plan to stay in the game.

We were also invited to a few podcasts, where we talked about a variety of topics that are important to us.

Donovan joined Data Vita’s first podcast episode of ‘Making IT carbon free’, alongside Mark Butcher from Data Vita and Maria Grazia Frontoso from Google Cloud. It was a great session covering some simple techniques being used to reduce the carbon footprint associated with enterprise IT services.

Our Senior PM, Simona, was the guest of That Tech Show podcast, where she talked about her journey of being introduced to agile during her migration into digital as well as some of the complex projects she manages at Digital Detox.

And our Co-Founder, Charlotte, was the star of the latest episode of Door Global’s Hybrid Intelligence Podcast. In this episode, Charlotte frames the need for greener digital with a few statistics and then outlines some tips that businesses, product designers, and consumers can do to reduce energy usage.

A couple of our recent blogs made it to Contentful’s website. They were very keen for their community to find out more about how to find a long term delivery partner as well as what an MVP is.

Our opinion on content strategy got featured in The State of Content Strategy Report by Kontent Kentico, alongside what 1000+ content professionals around the world have to say about it.

We brought the bite-sized version of the future of work straight into your inbox

The sixth issue of our newsletter started with a brilliant piece that focuses on belonging, dignity and justice, rather than diversity and inclusion.

You’re also going to spy some content around post-COVID social anxiety, why 2020 was the hottest year on record despite a 7% drop in greenhouse gases as well as why we say agile when you want to say chaos.

If this sparks your interest and you would like to receive the next edition of The Detox, you can simply sign up here.

Our team keeps growing - Do you want to be part of it?

We are looking for a Digital Project Manager, an Account Manager as well as Full Stack Developers to join our team as soon as possible. You can take a look at the job descriptions as well as join any open positions on our website or LinkedIn page.