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Digital Detox – Inspiring people to think differently about technology

Digital Detox – A different way to approach technology

The word ‘detox’ typically conjures up images of green smoothies, yoga or any new-fangled fad that’s come along recently. But here at Digital Detox, we think it means something else - especially when it comes to technology.

As the traditional sense of a digital detox suggests, the first port of call is to check your smartphone and ask yourself whether you really need all that ‘stuff’. How often do you use it, and what effect does it have on your life and the life of others?

You can download an app for almost anything - from managing your finances and healthcare to less essential practices like virtual cow milking or electric shaving (yes, they really do exist). But that doesn’t mean you should! The value of any product, app or gadget shouldn’t be about how cool or trendy the technology is, it should be designed to meet a need, solve a problem or simply create joy. We’re firm believers that technology exists to serve humanity, not the other way around - about ‘who as much as ‘how.’

We’re often asked how it is possible to be a successful, profitable organisation and make a positive impact on the world. These things seem mutually exclusive to many, but they needn’t be. Yes, we’re focused on finding solutions to digital problems, but we always inject a healthy dose of ethical humanism into our methods, goals and approaches.

Whatever it is you choose to build, design or deliver, the key to success is to think about technology working hand-in-hand with humanity.

Here are a few ways to do that:

Create a positive company culture

We put the wellbeing of our team first, because we know we can’t try and make the world a better place if we’re not in a good place, mentally. Our company culture is one of inclusivity and collaboration and above all else, it’s an environment where everyone genuinely cares about what we’re trying to achieve.

Each individual is encouraged to speak up during our ideation process and we’ve created a culture where members of the team feel psychologically safe to do so. In our experience, a happy, confident team is a more creative and productive one.

“I believe we’ve assembled one of the best design and JavaScript engineering teams in London, who are confident to get behind our thinking and tinkering. My job, in particular, is to ensure our team remain innovative, independent and feel confident to adopt or challenge new technologies and remain top of our game. This involves listening to my team, exploring new technologies and digital trends, and ultimately sharing these insights with our clients,” says CEO, Donovan Justice.

Studies claim that happy teams at work can increase productivity by 31%, and we’re very proud to say the Digital Detox has been nominated in the UK Employee Experience Awards, in both the ‘Health And Wellbeing’ and ‘Best Team Of The Year’ categories.

Think about how technology affects your environment

Our team look closely at sustainable supply-chain management, incremental, real-time adjustments and reductions of our carbon footprint, carbon accounting and carbon forecasting, as well as coming up with generating community initiatives.

We believe all companies should be doing this as standard. Statistics show that if every Briton sent one less email a day, we would save 16,433 tonnes of carbon a year, the equivalent to 81,152 flights to Madrid every year.

That’s a lot of flights to Madrid.

In short, every action in business should have a purpose and the same applies to email - if it’s not valuable or necessary, don’t send it. Simple actions like reducing the number of emails you send can have a surprising impact on the world.

Stay true to your moral compass

If it feels wrong, it probably is, so as a business we only pursue projects with organisations who share our values and are actively trying to do something good for the world. There are, sadly, many companies out there who use technology to dazzle clients and encourage them to spend money on style over substance.

And we wish them well but we don’t plan to join them! If everyone stays true to their values and tries to be as good and ethical in all practices as possible - real change will happen. Making good choices is a way of life for us at Digital Detox - it runs deep and affects every decision we make as a business and as individuals. This is how we continue to work on digital projects that make a positive impact on the world.

How is your technology working for you?

Is it helping you expand your knowledge or skills base, be more productive and efficient during your working day or do good for the environment?

Or is it consuming energy, increasing your carbon footprint unnecessarily and having a negative impact on you or the world around you?

Might be time for a digital detox…

We’d love to hear about your ideas, challenges and opportunities and find ways to help you simplify processes, improve people’s lives and make a real difference. Call us on 020 8050 1357 or send us a message.