Our sustainability journey – February’s highs and lows

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Our sustainability journey – February’s highs and lows

A journey to a more sustainable future is not about being perfect – it’s about trying to be better. That’s why our Sustainability Diaries exist.

In fact, we’re looking at this in the same way we would a technology project: in agile terms. It’s all about incremental and achievable updates to our business model to get us closer to our vision for the company, rather than shipping the perfect end product in one go. That just wouldn’t be feasible.

Last month, we started with what we’re proud of; as we said then, what we’ve identified, changed, learnt, succeeded with, messed up, built, re-built, discussed and discovered when it comes to being more sustainable. This month, we’re going to start with what we’re yet to change.

This diary is an honest account of our sustainability journey. We are learning, and there’s much more we could do. But what we are is honest, humbled and honoured to have the support of our team, our clients, our community – you.

Making time to change

We would really like to take our carbon footprint on a couple of steps, and quite quickly too. In fact, we so respect and look up to the likes of MMT Digital for their pledge to become net carbon negative, and to Wholegrain Digital, for their core, ethical stance on measuring your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Whilst we’ve achieved a lot in the past year, and in particular, the past few months, especially with our launch of the Green Report, there is still much more we need to do, and sometimes it doesn’t always sit at the top of the priority list. We need to find a way to make time for it amongst our other commitments, and fast.

Our flights haven’t changed

(Or they hadn’t when we wrote this.)

This is one thing we’ll have to call out again and again – our CEO, Donovan, spends half his time in London, and the other half in Bordeaux with his family. That’s pretty important for obvious reasons. But, we know, in terms of emissions, it’s not great.

But we did achieve lots, including The Green Report launch

And we really are proud of it. Developed not to demonise digital or advise companies to build less, its goal is to make digital processes better, smarter and more efficient, using our Four C’s formula: code, cloud, culture and customers.

Designed to empower companies to understand their carbon footprint and to find ways to reduce digital pollution, it works as an education tool, proposing tangible solutions and outcomes for next steps. Our first client within four weeks reported a saving of 79,000kg of carbon, and ~$1million.

And we’ve so enjoyed the conversation it’s started – the supportive side where people are cheering us on, the uptake in requests to learn more and to see if The Green Report is a good move for them, but also the side with the questions. Please keep asking us, as it helps us to learn.

You can now see our carbon footprint

As published by Liam, our MD, and in partnership with The Planet Mark, because like we said: transparency is key.

Our Finance Manager, Marta, also hosted a Carbon Footprint Show and Tell, getting the entire team on board with both our successes and failures. It helped to really conceptualise what this means, and what impact individuals can have. As I’m sure you know, that can sometimes be the hardest part.

From Policy comes Committee

Last month, we reported launching our Sustainability Policy, and this month, it’s our Sustainability Committee. Responsible for the sustainability strategy and performance of the business, its goal is to advocate for administrative and operational changes related to environmental stewardship, to ultimately become a more sustainable company.

This is new for us – both the format and the formality – but we’ve high hopes that it really will make an impact.

Hello MyResonance – the virtual impact currency

But actually, achieving workplace sustainability, fairness and impact to both your team, and society is so important, which is why we’ve partnered with social impact startup, MyResonance. Setting aside a portion of our monthly charity budget, slack integrated MyResonance offers a daily cultural currency allowance, encouraging the team to reward and thank one another, and be rewarded for their sustainable actions too via fancy APIs.

The more you use it, the more you get, and when you’re ready, it’s up to each individual team member to select which charities they’d like to donate to. Simple.