Digital Detox rebrands to celebrate 15 years as independent agency

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Digital Detox rebrands to celebrate 15 years as independent agency

The Brixton-based independent agency now offers full-service capabilities, ready to tackle complex client projects.

  • We’re a different company now than we were five years ago. We have expanded our capabilities by creating a design and UX team to complement our engineering team, and can now offer our clients a full-service team of designers, researchers and developers, says Donovan Justice, CEO and founder of Digital Detox.The agency has gone through a recent growth spurt. On top of adding a UX and design team, they have also added senior roles across marketing, project and account management. With the rebrand, it’s an altogether more grown up and strategically savvy outfit that emerges, ready for the future.

CEO Donovan Justice, CEO

The end goal?

To empower the customer — by giving them time back.

  • Customers have more touch points with digital now, so getting that balance between people and technology is really important for us going forward. It’s about creating products that allow customers to get things done as efficiently and productively as possible, and then go away and enjoy quality time with friends and family, free from distractions, explains Donovan.

The rebranding process was an opportunity for the senior team to get away and ask some big questions:

  • Why do we come to work? What do we want to achieve? It became clear that our mission and values haven’t changed. When we got our thoughts down on paper, James from Brilliant Path did a great job of translating them into a brand strategy. We then handed it over to our design and UX team, who did a great job in bringing them to life. It’s brought a renewed focus to the whole company, and a great opportunity to talk to our clients about our strategy and commitment to take on some big digital transformation projects.

The results can be seen on the brand new website.

Armed with a full-service team and a new brand, Digital Detox is looking forward to the future with a renewed focus.

-We value our culture, our clients and the way we work. With the rebrand, we set out to retain who DD is and what we do. We pride ourselves on taking on complexity and simplifying it, and now we can do that in the design and UX space. We’re 40 people at the moment, which is a good size to take on some challenging new projects, concludes Donovan.