Digital Detox partners with Cushon to offer the team net zero pension

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Digital Detox partners with Cushon to offer the team net zero pension

At Digital Detox, we recognise our responsibility as a company, and individuals, to understand, reduce and mitigate our impact on the world around us to help fight climate change. That’s why we see it mandatory to give as much consideration to our social and environmental impact as we do to our financial returns.

The planet is one of our core pillars

We’ve been tracking and reducing our carbon footprint for three years thanks to Planet Mark. And we’re in the process of selecting a partner to offset our historic carbon for the same period to become carbon neutral. This is no longer a nice-to-have, it is a business-critical decision to acknowledge, address and mitigate our impact on the world around us.

We’ve already changed our suppliers to sustainable ones when it comes to the office, from ethically sourced coffee all the way to green electricity. Our sustainability journey has been documented month by month in our sustainable diaries over the whole of 2020 in a mission to hold us accountable and share our learnings, changes, successes, and failures.

And now we’ve done a huge step on a business level that can make a real impact on climate change…

We have partnered with Cushon to be our new workplace net zero pension provider. This further affirms our ethos of focusing on people, the planet and technology and will help us with more responsible investing.

Digital Detox embeds sustainability across its business and creative output and so Cushon, with its world’s first net zero now pension and ESG voting functionality is a natural partner. As a fintech, Cushon has developed an app-first approach to pensions, enabling our team to view and manage their pensions in real time.

Why Cushon?

Cushon is a fintech workplace savings business, using its world-leading financial technology and mobile app to help people get comfortable with saving and investing through the workplace.

Employers use Cushon to enhance the financial wellbeing of their workforce by providing them with a simple and convenient way to save into pensions, ISAs and other products direct from pay.

Cushon’s products are delivered to the team via employee benefit portals and mobile app, which uses modern technology to make pensions, saving and investing a surprisingly joyful experience.

Cushon seeks to use its world-leading technology to deliver against three strategic objectives: make pensions, saving and investments accessible for all people; create a clear link between people’s money and the things they care about, such as the environment; and make it easy for individuals to invest in a way that aligns and tracks to their personal goals over time, delivering better returns and outcomes for everyone.

Through the Cushon app, employees will receive notifications when contributions are paid into their pension. They can easily change their contributions and transfer other pension pots in. Additionally, they also have access to Cushon’s workplace ISAs so they have the opportunity to save for other events, not just retirement. These can be managed together with their pensions all in the same app.

“It’s a sad fact that the average UK pension helps finance 23 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year, that’s equivalent to running nine family cars or burning 1,100 coal fires a year. But as we’ve shown with the launch of our world first net zero now pension, this doesn’t have to be the case. Pensions can be a force for good and employees can save for the retirement they deserve while helping tackle climate change. It’s a great reason for employees to feel more engaged. Digital Detox is a company that recognises this and it’s great to have them on board.” Ben Pollard, CEO and Founder of Cushon

A partnership that will make a difference

As a digital agency providing solutions to a community engaged with social responsibility, it was a natural step for us to keep our team benefits in line with our company and employees’ beliefs.

We revolve our work around three core pillars - people, our planet and technology - and we inherently care about what we do. It’s up to everyone to embrace responsibility and we find that very rewarding. Our team members can now save for retirement on a platform they are excited to engage with, that cares for the planet as they do, and that aligns with their core values - all without compromise on returns.

We’re all ready to use the new platform after the personalised webinar we had last week, where we were able to learn all about our new pension and other saving options as well as ask any questions.

If you want to find out more about Cushon, you can contact them directly or let us know if you’d like our feedback so far.