Digital Detox Diary - Our team's sustainability journey

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Digital Detox Diary - Our team's sustainability journey

The main focus of our Sustainable Diaries series has always been on DD’s sustainability goals, changes, and learnings as a business, making sure it holds us accountable throughout the whole journey.

This month, we decided to shake things up a bit and look at the impact DD has had on us as individuals in becoming more sustainable. We are so proud to know that our mission of looking after the health of our planet and reducing climate change is embedded into the personal lives of our team too.

Here are some of our team’s most recent sustainability initiatives that are such a great source of inspiration if you’re also looking to become more sustainable and don’t know where to start from.

Greener power

Some of our team have decided to shift to a renewable energy supplier such as Bulb. The switch is pretty simple, it only takes about two minutes and you can actually speak to a human if you have any questions. The best part about Bulb is that they provide 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon-neutral gas to all their members as a standard.

The most important part of all of this is that each individual member lowers their carbon impact by 3.4 tonnes of CO2 a year. That’s the hard work of around 1,689 trees, without having to put any effort into it.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Given that we are spending a considerable amount of time at home these days, most of us decided to sign up to plastic-free suppliers for fruits, vegetables and groceries. Liam has opted for a local supplier in Bristol, Ben is now using Refill @ The Grange, and Tazz, who was already using Oddbox, has upgraded to a large box, which means all their cooking is now from a sustainable source. Donovan also avoids single-use plastic where possible, so takes grains and pasta containers and refills them at the supermarket. His family also makes their own yoghurt and ice cream using natural ingredients and no plastic waste.

A lot of our team members are also trying to grow their own food and have used this time to plant fruits and vegetables in their gardens (strawberries seem to be the most popular choice!) and those who live in a flat have opted for herbs. We also try and use farmers markets/shops where possible to care more about the source of food.

strawberries home grown strawberries

Donovan has taken gardening pretty seriously and converted his family lawn into growing food such as tomatoes, grapes, fruit trees and strawberries. Their jam is also homemade with reusable glass jars and they’ve been making damson gin for the third year in a row - yum!

vegetables fresh vegetables


Our team is pretty inventive when it comes to new ideas on how to be more sustainable at home and adopt zero-waste initiatives.

Simona has switched to using bamboo toothbrushes and recycled vegan shampoos/conditioners, whilst also using glass dispensers for shower gel, shampoo and other bathroom products. She uses reusable zip bags and beeswax paper in the kitchen and always shops with her own bags!

Donovan’s family replaced most of their cleaning products with Savour Noir and vinegar for cleaning the floors, kitchen and washing up. And they’ve used these containers for over a year now! They are currently trialling drying orange peels to make their own washing powder. How sustainably creative is that? Plastic straws have also been replaced with reusable ones and cling film with reusable wax-based products (the seahorse).

reuseable products Reusable products

When it comes to recycling, we try to raise awareness as a team wherever possible, whilst also doing our best to correctly recycle when we are in the office. Matthew ‘recruited’ Groot to remind people in the office what is categorised as plastics, metal cans/tins, paper/ cardboard and cartons - and he’s been doing a great job!

green groot Green Groot

Some of us have already changed habits when it comes to recycling at home. For instance, Donovan only empties the bins once every two weeks as a family of four and they’re very proud of it.

Supporting the community

This is a time when it’s very important to offer our help where possible and support our community, as a business and as individuals. At DD, we are currently reviewing the charities we support in light of the increased awareness both lockdown and the Black Lives Matter movement has given us; whilst already supporting local charities, it’s given us a boost to think further on what more we can do.

Tazz has started thinking more about sharing within the community in terms of resources and recycling, supplying food/groceries to neighbours and donating books or homeware on her local Facebook group. Some of us have also safely used Olio to share food (and other things) with our community. It just feels amazing knowing you’re helping to save the planet and made a neighbour’s day by doing such a small gesture!

What about you?

All these initiatives were influenced by the constant conversation around sustainability at DD. And we couldn’t be more proud of it! We hope these ideas will help you to start thinking about what you can do to become more sustainable and contribute to our planet’s health. We can’t change everything. But we can all change something.