Digital Detox Diaries – Digital sustainability on stage

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Digital Detox Diaries – Digital sustainability on stage

It’s that time of the month again where we delve into the successes and failures of our sustainability journey. Here’s what we got up to.

Pass the mic

We promised we’d take the digital sustainability agenda to the stage once more in our last diary entry, and that’s exactly what the past month has seen.

Charlotte’s digital pollution talk featured at both Digital Leaders Week and Natwest’s TechStock, and Liam’s chatting at 24hour event Amplify on the Decade of Action this week.

For us, the importance is speaking with as many people as possible in order to influence change – however small. The conversations on panels, in Q&A’s and the followup chats have been some of our favourite moments of 2020, and have led to both individuals and companies looking to lead the way in making sustainable shifts.

Sustainable swag

DD’ers were treated to a little surprise in the post last month, all in the shape of some rather fancy swag. As a celebration of our 16th birthday and as a huge thank you for the hard work of the team through an incredibly strange year, we wanted to put a smile on everyone’s faces, whilst keeping true to our sustainability goals.

So we partnered with Kymono, whose swag was the most sustainable option we could find out there, and if we say so ourselves, it looks GREAT.

Technology to help fight climate change

We were also pretty chuffed to be included in this brilliant piece by Mishcon, delving into the importance of using technology in order to help fight climate change.

As our Green Report work continues to grow and develop with new client opportunities and existing partnerships growing in a more sustainable direction, it felt great to see our work highlighted in this way.

Curating a resource for the planet

And as you may well know, we launched our newsletter, The Detox, a few months ago as a resource and inspiration for supporting people, the planet and technology.

This month, the planet section was definitely our favourite, thanks to key articles such as why tech has become an ally to sustainability, and everything you need to know about green design.

You can read more about that here, and if you fancy it in your inboxes each month, sign up here, too.

And for the end of the year?

Our biggest focus for December is how to make the least sustainable month of the year, absolutely sustainable.

We’ve got our thinking caps on, but we’re definitely open to ideas. If you’ve got any, let us know!