Digital Detox and 2020 - That’s a wrap

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Digital Detox and 2020 - That’s a wrap

2020 was a year like no other. For DD, it has been quite a diverse one. Lots of unplanned and unprecedented things happened for the past 12 months and we want to take a moment to acknowledge the ups and downs, challenges, lessons learnt, wins and achievements of this year that we’re days away from leaving behind.

And because there won’t be a Christmas party at our Brixton studio, we want to take the opportunity and use this channel to thank everyone for playing their part in this incredible journey we’ve been on together or we’ve recently embarked on.

Our team

First of all, a massive thank you to the DD team! Everyone has been so supportive during this rather strange year despite the pandemic situation and going fully remote since mid-March. Every single one of us has been working hard and this has translated into great projects that have received external recognition in the shape of amazing client feedback and being shortlisted for ten awards. Our award nominations and wins showcase the growth we’ve made as a team around our people, planet and technology mission.

This year we’ve also welcomed 17 new DD-ers that are with us for either long or short term depending on the projects they are part of. And in case you haven’t met all of us yet, you can find out more about us and meet our team here.

Our clients

Being a humanity-led digital agency, we recognise the impact our company and wider industry has on the environment, and our responsibility to take action in the fight against climate change.

That’s why this year, we have taken on board projects that can bring sustainability to digital such as the The Green Report in partnership with Vodafone, but also bring digital to sustainability - our work with Brainforest has connected investors with global and sustainable forestry projects through an intuitive online platform.

2020 also saw us working on some large scale digital transformation projects for the likes of CAB, BMI Group, Unum, Vodafone and recently Edenred. We’re proud to have received some amazing client feedback and to have achieved the trusted partner status with most of our clients.

We want to thank everyone for your support throughout this year, it’s been great working with you all!

Our community and partners

This year reinforced the feeling that connections are so vital, so we did our best to be as active as we could within our communities and get involved wherever possible.

We want to thank our sustainability partner, The Planet Mark, for helping us with measuring and certifying our own carbon footprint in a mission to evaluate our company’s impact on the environment. We partnered with these folks to understand how we can become more sustainable as a business, but also offer our knowledge and expertise to their community to make the right technology decisions and develop sustainably. This collaboration means we are leading the way to advising and supporting Planet Mark’s members in preventing digital pollution.

We are also super grateful for being part of The Future Economy Network and for our aligned vision into digital sustainability. It’s been a pleasure to speak at many of their events and share each other’s exciting news.

A special thank you to BIMA for a great journey we’ve been on together this year, from Tazz winning the BIMA100 Award, through to Liam being now part of their Sustainability Council.

It’s been brilliant working with UKAEG as well, who connected us to the best thought leaders and businesses we’d otherwise be unable to reach and brought our people, planet and technology approach to new markets.

Our technology partners Contentful and Kentico deserve a special shout out for partnering with us on some brilliant client opportunities and enabling our offering to expand to providing even stronger full stack design and development.

Another partnership we’re grateful for is the one with human behaviour experts, LAB Group, in a mission to build a Carbon Data Engine that automatically monitors travel data and converts it, providing near real-time carbon visibility for companies.

The year of the virtual stage

We are so proud to have spoken at 24 different events this year, most of them virtual. From big stages such as SXSW, CogX, Amplify, Barclays Ventures, Natwest Techstock, through to smaller, community-led events by BIMA, FEN, The Planet Mark, Agency Hackers and so on.

We’re so grateful for being given these opportunities and to talk about the areas which matter to us such as the future of work, tech with purpose and digital pollution, and to find new people to join us on this journey. Our key message has been that we do not need to build less technology, but make digital processes better, smarter and more efficient, focusing on the importance of bringing sustainable technology choices into the conversation right from the start.

Call it our mantra if you’d like - To build, design, manage, create from the ground up in a way that prevents digital pollution, and leads to a more sustainable future.

The home of the future of work

In our mission to create a community of incredible tech leaders who really care about the future of people, the planet, and technology, we’ve launched The Detox - the home of the future of work. It’s a newsletter for early adopters who are able to create change within their organisations, for those who are fascinated by the pace of our world, and for individuals who strive for a universe which betters humanity through technology. In case you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here.

We want to thank every single author of the articles and resources we are including in our newsletter, this content wouldn’t be possible without you!

2021, here we come

We hope we haven’t forgotten anyone, but if we did we want to thank you too and we’re looking forward to working with you next year.

But for now, let’s all take a step back and enjoy a well deserved Christmas break. See you all in January 2021!