Why we introduced an annual ski trip to Digital Detox

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Why we introduced an annual ski trip to Digital Detox

Ever thought about how to increase the team spirit in your company and to get people to know each other better? Here at DD we’re fortunate enough to reward ourselves for our hard work and take the entire team on a ski trip to the French Alps at the end of a successful year. It has already virtually become a tradition and everyone in the team loves to spend a long weekend together outside of work. And there is something for everyone: be it skiing or snowboarding (incl. courses), snow hiking, having a drink on the piste, coming together for a team lunch, relaxing in the spa, playing society games, or having a good time at the après-ski - the possibilities are endless!

“The most successful, memorable team-building events are ones that don’t feel like a day at the office…” (Forbes)

Refreshments The ski trip really lets the team forge new bonds and we all come back refreshed, ready and raring to go

Sharing an experience like this together allows relationships to forge more naturally. We joke a lot and have a fantastic time together. From a managerial point, our ski trips have proved themselves as great events to strengthen the cohesion of employees and the company. Nothing brings a team closer together than a long weekend in the French Alps.

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