DD Futures Business and the environment

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DD Futures Business and the environment

Thinking beyond the bottom line is central to Digital Detox’s company culture and values. Whether it’s hosting the coding youth club Coder Brixton or volunteering on community projects, we’re drawn to projects and activities that have divergent values and impacts.

Ebony Horse Club Digital Detox is proud to support our local community, like the community youth riding centre in Brixton, Ebony Horse Club. Photo: Kim Lomax.

Environmental challenges and our ability to find sustainable responses to them are perhaps the most pressing of our time. Dissecting political, social and economic dimensions, ranging in scale from the global to the individual, these challenges are inherently complex and not readily solvable. However, problems are soluble.

We understand our clients’ needs and partner with them to solve their business challenges. Applying our skills and ways of working to tackle environmental problems and generate sustainable solutions is an ideal alignment of our core mission and values. It also provides fulfilling opportunities that employ the team’s creativity and allow ideas to flourish.

Finding our way in the environmental sector

At the beginning of 2019, we committed to explore what we could achieve in this space, including kicking off our first project in the environmental sector. Since then we’ve joined The Future Economy Network, a network to develop sustainability in business. We’ve begun a review of our own environmental footprint and partnered with the conservation charity MarineLife to start the design and development of a citizen science web platform to promote the conservation and understanding of dolphins around the UK coast — which is well underway!

presentation The DD team showcasing the work they’ve done on the MarineLife project.

We don’t expect to halt anthropogenic climate change. Nor do we believe that change in this regard can be achieved in isolation. However, we believe that we can apply our skills in partnerships that chip away at the multifaceted problems posed by the interactions of humans on the environment, making a difference to planet and society. We’re really excited about where this might take us — if you’d like to partner with us on this journey towards contributing to a more sustainable future then we’d love to hear from you!