Choosing the right digital transformation agency for your business

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Choosing the right digital transformation agency for your business

If you’re trying to find the right digital transformation agency for your business, this should help! We’ve rounded up the key attributes you should look for in your chosen agency. In this piece we also explore why digital transformation is so important for the success of your business.

What is digital transformation?

Open Source tools, responsive web platforms, agile ways of working - these terms are commonplace in a digital business. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, there are more opportunities than ever for businesses to work smarter. This means more automation and fewer manual processes. It means cross-functional teams and collaboration. It means progress and innovation.

Digital transformation refers to the process of moving most of your processes and systems online, preferably in the Cloud. A digital transformation agency will help you plan and implement this migration for the best chance of success.

Choosing the right digital transformation agency

Choosing to entrust your processes, systems and information to an external agency is not a decision to be taken lightly. Every agency will tell you they’re unique, but that’s not always a good thing!

There are a few ways to understand whether an agency is right for you - here’s how:

1. They share your ethos

Many digital agencies can build you tools and techy gadgets. But, do they help you achieve your objectives? Do they delight your audience? Are they ethical? And do they care about the environment and the world around them?

If you’re a company with a focus on sustainability and ethical ways of working, it’s vital that you choose a digital transformation agency that shares the same views. Find out if they engage in any charity work or community projects and look at their portfolio of previous clients. If they’ve made a difference to similar organisations to yours, or those you aspire to be like, you’re onto a winner.

2. They have a proven track record

When choosing a digital transformation agency, it pays to do your research. Ask for concrete results from any previous projects and testimonials from other clients. If they can’t produce any, there’s probably a reason - find out what it is!

A confident agency will openly share their results and encourage you to speak to past clients to learn more about them. They’ll have an active and engaged social media presence and ideally a blog too, where they’ll share industry related articles and thought leadership pieces. This should give you peace of mind that they’re an established brand, rather than a floundering fledgling.

3. They show, rather than tell

Some agencies might promise you the earth but fail to deliver on their promises. It can be tricky to separate the wheat from the chaff through a simple discussion, so ask them to show you their value instead. By assigning an agency to a small, low-risk project as a test, you’ll be able to assess their performance before you commit to a large scale investment.

A strong digital transformation agency will over-deliver on your expectations. They’ll ensure they fully understand the brief, ask the right questions and produce something tangible that shows their skills. This will go a long way towards helping you decide if they’re the right team for you to work with.

4. They’re cross-functional

A key ingredient to successful digital transformation is having a mix of skill sets that complement each other. When choosing a digital transformation agency, ask for a team structure or org chart showing the typical team breakdown on any given project. You should expect to see a healthy mix of technical and creative job titles, from subject matter experts and project managers to designers and developers.

Also ask whether you would be assigned a dedicated team on your project, rather than having random people dipping in and out on an ad hoc basis. This can make a big difference to the continuity and ultimate success of your digital transformation project (and any project for that matter!)

What is Digital Detox?

We are a purpose-led design and development studio, specialising in building innovative solutions to complex problems. Our team of designers, researchers and developers use agile co-creation methodologies in projects of all shapes and sizes.

We’re more than a digital transformation agency - we’re a strategic partner. We consult, we advise and we tailor our service to each individual customer. We’re also passionate about doing the right thing - for our customers, for the environment and the world around us. Everything we do has an impact, so we do whatever we can to make sure that impact is positive.

If you’ve got an idea, opportunity or challenge you’d like to discuss, get in touch!

We’ll happily share details of past projects and encourage you to speak to our other clients to get a real view of how we work and what we can deliver.