Change perceptions of the insurance industry and expand LV’s reach

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Change perceptions of the insurance industry and expand LV’s reach

LV is renowned for its dynamic, exciting and innovative approach to developing and marketing insurance products. They asked us to present a design concept for getting a quick insurance quote online.

The company was keen to expand their brand reach to a wider audience and break into the mass market. They also wanted to change perceptions of insurance as ‘outdated and cumbersome’ and in doing so, encourage trust in the LV brand.

Mobile first

We decided to focus on the mobile user journey as we knew this presented an opportunity to expand reach to a younger, digitally savvy audience. This also gave us the opportunity to use the native capabilities of mobile to create a quick, easy journey when getting an instant insurance quote. For example; the ability to snap photos of a car using the phone’s built-in camera.

We needed to get people excited about insurance and knew that this started with the LV team. If we could get their buy-in to the vision of a modern, digital insurance quote process, they’d then be able to sell the concept to stakeholders for buy-in. Eventually, they could present this modern, digitised user journey to end users.

Our approach

Once we had created the designs, LV were very positive about the potential of the proposed user journey, message and aesthetics we had created. As a result, they asked us to help them visualise how to market or ‘sell in’ the new mobile quick quote process to stakeholders.

This increase in scope proved the value of what we had delivered within the first phase of the project; a great vote of confidence for our team.

With this in mind, we designed a full marketing process with the strapline, “Snap & Go - Insurance in a Heartbeat”. The heartbeat message played on the speed of obtaining a quote but also fit nicely within the LV brand (their logo is love personified!) and created a new identity for insurance that was modern, fun and emotive. The fun didn’t stop there - we decided to use some really unique and innovative methods to present the marketing concept to the team. This included an interactive prototype of the journey, a visual overview of the marketing approach, photos, videos and even some poetry to capture the emotive aspect of our new insurance concept.

The results

LV loved the mobile user journey we designed and felt it was simple, user-friendly and intuitive. They also responded positively to our emotive marketing approach and the “Insurance in a heartbeat” strapline. We influenced a change in mindset within the LV team - the idea that it’s time for change and that insurance can be exciting, easy and emotive. This indicated the strength of the campaign and its potential to impact an external audience too.


We delivered the project within a very short timeframe. This was testament to what we can deliver for customers with limited budgets and ambitious deadlines We created a workable visual prototype that LV can now use to obtain buy-in and funding for the next phase of the project.

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