A scalable component library for Legal and General

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A scalable component library for Legal and General

We helped develop a modern, scalable digital component library to support the pension purchase process for Legal & General. With rising competition in the market and a user journey built on an old and out of touch website, they knew it was time for makeover. We were thrilled when they approached us to help them give their pensions product a fresh start.

A large company means a large stakeholder group and we knew there would be a lot of focus on this project from an L&G perspective. We were delighted to be working as a tech partner for the company. Our expertise in working with companies of all sizes, across all industries, gave us confidence that we could do something really positive.

Out with the old

We kicked off with an 18-person strong stakeholder meeting. It was interesting to observe the juxtaposition of a corporate insurance company demographic against the casual, colourful DD team - but the dynamic instantly clicked. We were very considerate of the established ways of working at L&G and knew we’d need to rely on our experience and expertise to gain trust from the team that we could deliver on their objectives.

With many entrenched user journeys in place, it was a challenge at the start to shake up preconceptions and expectations of how to approach the project. We focused on establishing an open dialogue between our team and the L&G gang; discussing the challenges and opportunities we were facing together. This was an exciting opportunity to re-imagine the entire online process of purchasing a pension from L&G.

Possibility versus feasibility

As we delved into the technology and data aspect of the project, we realised that we had a lot of legacy practices to work with. Being a highly regulated industry meant there were certain limitations on what we could achieve. We needed to stay extremely calm and focused on this project to ensure it maintained compliance and fit within L&G’s vision for the project, but we were also keen to achieve the objective of completely reinventing the site for users.

The L&G team brought extensive industry knowledge and company insight to the project. To complement their input, we brought front-end digital best practice and digital transformation experience to the table. It was a mighty combination!

Development phase

As we continued communicating honestly and openly with the L&G team, we began building out a picture of what the new pensions process could look like. Focused on scalability as a key aim, we were conscious that the process would be rolled out across the entire L&G vertical network.

In line with this, we have now created a digital component library that houses all information and digital assets across the L&G community. This means there is, digitally speaking, one version of the truth when it comes to the online process for pensions at L&G.

In the front-end, we’ve simplified the user experience into a clear step-based process. It outlines how to get started, the key benefits and any supporting information a user might need to know. The design is very clean and sleek; a modern representation of an established pensions purchasing practice.

The end result

We’re extremely proud of what we’ve delivered on this high profile project. By keeping communication lines flowing with L&G stakeholders throughout the project, we have made sure everyone is on board. We’ve shared visuals and updates frequently so there are no surprises. And, we have utilised the cross-functional skill set of the team to get the very best end result from our design and development.