A day in the life of a Senior UX Designer

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A day in the life of a Senior UX Designer

Name Oliver Edge

Job title Senior UX Designer

Time at Digital Detox 3 months

We spent some time talking to Ollie, a Senior UX Designer at Digital Detox. In our catch up, Ollie discussed what a Senior UX Designer does, the biggest challenges of the job and what he loves most about it.

What is a Senior UX designer?

User Experience, or UX for short, refers to the digital journey a customer takes when they interact with your brand online. For example, if they visit your website, their user experience will depend on how you’ve laid out the site menu, navigation and calls to action. This will influence the order in which they perform various activities and tasks on the site, before they exit back to the wider web world.

UX can also include a customer’s experience when using a particular product or service you offer. This might mean a client portal, mobile app, ecommerce offering or online marketing material. The role of the UX Designer is to create a seamless journey for each customer that meets their needs and helps them achieve their goals, quickly and easily.

A Senior UX Designer has gained years of experience within the field of user experience. They understand the best practice principles of good digital design and are well versed in speaking to clients, conducting user research, collating business needs and doing the actual design work and prototyping to bring a vision to life. Digital design is a particularly interesting field because it incorporates some traditional design practices, like sketching and conceptualising images, but it also includes elements of technical feasibility, prototyping and wireframing.

Describe a day in the life of a Senior UX designer

I’ve recently completed the first phase of a large scale re-platforming project for a construction company. The client had their own in-house design team already, but they needed additional resource capacity and UX expertise, so they contacted us.

My role was to collaborate with their in-house design team and develop on the existing user research they had already done. It was very important for me to embed myself within the culture of their team, understand their ways of working, and get alignment on the project goals as soon as possible.

Because we were all working remotely due to Covid, we couldn’t hold the physical kickoff workshops we’d usually run at the start of a project. So we just dived into it and started working on their existing backlog of tasks.

Process and tools

These are the tools I used for developing design concepts on this project:

  • Started by sketching out concepts and user journeys using a pen and paper
  • I then used Adobe XD for wireframing and prototyping as this is the tool that the client used and they were keen to keep consistency
  • Also used Whimsical for diagramming and some of the more polished designs.

My role was to take the research that had been done into users’ needs, align them to the business goals, and then create wireframes and simple prototypes to show how a digital design journey could meet these needs and goals.

What are some of the challenges of being a Senior UX Designer?

At the moment, the obvious challenge is working remotely due to Covid-19. It’s fine for the most part but it can be tricky when we start working with a new client or pick up a new project. Usually, we’d spend some face-to-face time with the client and physically embed ourselves in the team, but this isn’t possible at the moment.

Having said that, at Digital Detox, we’re used to working really flexibly, so we’ve adjusted to this pretty quickly. We have a plethora of digital tools we can use to stay in touch with our clients, so we make sure they’re kept in the loop.

As a Senior UX Designer, I work across multiple projects, industries and client types at any one time. Often the subject matter differs wildly and I need to get up to speed quickly on the market, landscape, user needs, industry-specific terminology and business goals. But this is also one of the best aspects of the role - I feel like I’m learning new things constantly and my experience grows as I take on new projects across diverse industries.

What do you enjoy the most about being a Senior UX designer?

It’s really rewarding to watch a client start to see the value of UX, UI and digital design as they learn more about it and see it in action.

I enjoy embedding myself into the client’s team and assimilating to their culture and ways of working. It’s exciting to introduce clients to agile ways of working and see the positive changes that take place within their teams as a result. I also enjoy helping clients achieve their digital transformation goals.

About UX Design at Digital Detox

If we were to sum up our approach to UX design in three words, it would be; “Less is More”.

Users want a clear user journey that guides them to the areas of your website or application which are most valuable to them. At Digital Detox, we harness the potential of emerging technologies to build engaging experiences for online users, backed by beautiful and elegant digital design. For us, it’s about developing a minimum lovable product, not just an MVP.

We use prototyping wherever possible as this is the best way to outline a user journey in a low risk, visual way.

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