Migrating online insurance user journeys to new digital platforms for The AA

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Migrating online insurance user journeys to new digital platforms for The AA

The AA are in the process of massive digital transformation. They were keen to gain advice, expertise and guidance on how to migrate existing online insurance user journeys to a new platform. Their ultimate goal was to enhance in-house capabilities to become a more digitally focused business for the future.

The brief

We were brought in to give guidance to The AA team on how to migrate their existing online user journeys to a new, digitally focused environment. At the same time, we needed to provide thought leadership, best practice advice and hands-on teaching of how to create reusable digital components that can be applied to other areas of the business.

A bit of background

The AA had a hard deadline to migrate existing online insurance journeys to a new platform to ensure compliance moving forward. As a business, they had an ambition to build on the capabilities of their in-house team to deliver the project, but needed guidance on how to approach the project at pace, with minimal risk.

Initially, senior leaders were unsure if they could build the front-end functionality in-house or whether they should enlist the services of a third party agency. The DD team had been recommended thanks to our reputation as Javascript experts, more specifically Angular, which is the standardised language used at The AA.

From the onset, we worked with a vision of equipping The AA team with the skills to empower them to achieve their goal of fulfilling the project in-house. This might sound counterintuitive - why would we wish to make ourselves redundant? Simple, we wanted to do what was best for the customer! We believed that building a competent in-house development team would benefit the company long-term.

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At DD, we always put our customers’ needs first, thinking about how we can help them achieve success. We trust that if we do a great job, they’ll choose to work with us again in the future and act as advocates for our brand. With this in mind, we set up about understanding more of the project scope and assimilating to the company culture and team dynamics at The AA. It was key that we found ways to add value wherever possible, finding opportunities outside of the original scope that could enhance and streamline existing ways of working and practices within The AA team. Specifically, this meant advising on ways to build reusable technology that would lend itself to other areas of the business and future projects.

What we did

Working across four months, split by 2 week sprints, we implemented two new front-end user journeys for The AA. This covered Home Insurance and Breakdown Cover, two of their primary products. All the while, we provided guidance, advice and support to the team in an effort to upskill any areas of development and eventually allow us to step away and watch the team continue independently of our services.

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It was very important that we respected the existing culture and ways of working within The AA team. At the same time, we tried to implement small changes that would have a positive long-term effect on the team’s output and success. For example, we broke down the original brief of migrating three core user journeys to a new platform by suggesting we get as much done on each user journey within the given timeframe and see where we get to. This allowed us to work at pace and de-risk the development aspect of the project by dividing the work into small, usable chunks rather than a large overarching project (a classic Agile product development strategy).

We also encouraged the team to consider all opportunities to digitise their services, explaining that prioritising the digital element of their business would go a long way toward future-proofing their brand.

The results

Within the space of four months, the Digital Detox team;

  • assisted The AA in migrating two of their three core user journeys to a new digital platform (Home Insurance and Breakdown Cover)
  • equipped the team with new front-end development expertise and encouraged new perspectives, cultural changes and more innovative ways of working moving forward
  • reinforced the value of building reusable technology to future-proof their digital journeys
  • assimilated into the team at lightning speed, showing our adaptability and reinforcing the value of an emotionally intelligent and agile approach to development
  • advised on the best way to develop in-house capabilities so the team would be able to work independently on future projects.


At the end of the project, we stepped away from the team with confidence.

Happily, we have helped empower and upskill an already talented development team with a new mindset, fresh perspectives and lasting learnings about front-end development and digital best practice.

We have built a strong relationship with The AA team. Through this, we developed mutual respect and shared practices that we hope will lead to partnerships and projects with The AA in the future.

We showed the value of putting the customer first - by staying true to the objective of providing leadership and guidance to an incumbent team and then stepping away at the right time.

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