Digital Detox partners with Contentful to deliver Headless CMS

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Digital Detox partners with Contentful to deliver Headless CMS

Digital Detox is excited to announce that we have partnered with Contentful to deliver a Headless CMS service to our clients.

Contentful is the market-leading content platform for the digital-first era and they boast an impressive client base that includes Nike, Aldo and Xoom. We’re very excited to be able to offer this modern service to our clients.

What’s a Headless CMS you ask? Good question! Below, we’ll explain all you need to know about how a Headless CMS can benefit your business and why Contentful is the ideal digital content platform to deliver it.

What’s a headless CMS?

A headless CMS is any type of content management system where the content repository “body” is separated or decoupled from the presentation layer head.

Often traditional CMSs don’t separate the view (or experience) from the content and business logic. This can limit your options for different platforms and services.

One way to solve the limitations of a traditional CMS is by implementing a “headless” CMS — if the presentation layer of a website is the “head” of a CMS, then cutting off that presentation layer creates a headless CMS.

As end-users consume content from various devices interchangeably, developers are often thwarted by CMS instances — dozens, or even hundreds. As a result, they have to duplicate content from a website CMS to an app CMS and then to a digital display CMS. A headless CMS overcomes this by disengaging from the front-end presentation of the CMS and focusing purely on the content.

This brilliant table, taken from the Contentful website, describes the benefits of a headless CMS:


Why has Digital Detox partnered with Contentful?

At Digital Detox, we have a simple but effective ethos when it comes to our approach; we always do what’s best for our clients.

Sometimes this means outsourcing to experts who have more experience than we do in certain areas. As Contentful has a proven headless CMS service under their belt already, we wanted to harness the power and potential of their service to deliver excellence to our clients.

This means we can continue focusing on the in-house expertise we’re trusted to deliver based on our extensive experience in full-stack development. At the same time, we can offer an innovative new service to our clients that will offer high impact, in a low risk way.

“As digital platforms have evolved, the need for more flexible solutions has emerged. Now, enterprises are developing websites, mobile sites, apps, digital displays, conversational interfaces and more. Meanwhile, the traditional CMS has failed to keep pace. Why? Because a CMS organizes content in webpage-oriented frameworks, making it impossible for the same content to adapt to other digital platforms.” Contentful

Sustainable goals

We’ve talked a lot about sustainable development and the many ways we’re working to be as ethical as possible when creating new products and services.

When we investigated what we’d need to do in order to develop an in-house headless CMS service to offer to clients, we realised that this might detract from our sustainability goals. In contrast, when we explored the headless CMS service that Contentful already offers to clients, it was a no-brainer to use their existing service.

We decided to partner with Contentful to deliver a seamless service to clients, without the need to recreate an existing service from scratch. This approach of reusing technology wherever possible is one of the main facets of Sustainable Development.

So, it’s a big thumbs up for people and for the planet!

How does the headless CMS service work?

A headless CMS provides a way to create content without coupling it to a particular front-end web page, app or other presentation. It provides the content as data over an API. This means it can be called by any web page or app and rendered in the best way for the device, platform or application it’s needed for.

From an end user perspective, this means that the same content can be created and consumed across devices, platforms and screens as a seamless interaction.

It’s content creation for now and the future!

Find out more about our partnership with Contentful

To learn more about our exciting partnership with Contentful, get in touch! We’d love to hear about your business plans for the year ahead and discuss how we can help you achieve them in an innovative, sustainable and user-friendly way.